Playing games.

I had quit playing WoW sometime after getting a couple of toons to level 90 in Mist of Pandaria. I was done. The game held no interest for me other than a couple of buddies were still playing it. I had quit before and I knew it would be easy to do again.

What game should I play now? Smite was fun but had grown old fast. Fuck it. Let’s try out LoL.

I had jumped into League of Legends hard and was completely dedicated to it. Wrecking bots and low level players was a breeze. Getting to level 30 was a grind but it was easy. Playing normals was like a walk in the park. If normals were this easy then ranked should be a fun challenge… I think two weeks after I hit 30 I started playing ranked. That was such a horrible and stupid idea. Placed into silver and within a week I was in the middle of bronze, and no sign of stopping the plummet down. I had become one of the most toxic people I’ve ever seen. How had I sunk this low? Why was I so angry? This game used to be fun. After reaching the bottom of bronze and the black hole that had become my heart, I stopped playing ranked. And magically the game became fun again. So weird.

Warlords of Draenor. What the hell is this? I had no idea that Hellscream was causing all these problems. Another dimension/timeline? What? Ok. I’ll bite.

I have 5 level 100’s and I never leave my garrison. Fuck this game. I’m heroic’d out and can’t stand carrying stupid people anymore.


Oh my god I’m so fucking bored.


I can’t wait for GTA V. March 24th can’t get here soon enough.




Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (Louis The Child Remix)



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